Hello there, stranger. I’m Julianne.

I decided I needed to create a fresh new start in my life. For a while now, I’ve been tinkering with the idea of creating my own blog website independent of Blogger, and have since then been contemplating switching over to WordPress as a blogging platform. Then I had some issues on my old blog in the process of redesigning it, so I decided to scrap it and start anew. I had to face the facts: I had outgrown it. I needed to expand. I needed to re-think, re-brand, and re-design. That’s how Verge of Verse came about.

I came up with the phrase to encapsulate my current struggles as a writer, particularly in poetry and fiction. I always come up with ideas, but I would usually have a difficult time following through with finishing them, especially that novel I’ve been trying to write since I was 17 years old. Suffice it to say, I’m currently in my twenties and have since realized that I need to continue working on my craft, refining my skills, and redefining the way I view and approach my life. I’ve grown to not become so afraid of change. I’ve grown to welcome the steady rush of fresh air that comes with each season. I’m learning to embrace it and just breathe. There are certain things that are within my control. The other factors – well, the universe has a funny way of working out. I’ll leave the rest to the architect who designed this universe.


As for this website, I’m still experimenting with the coding and formatting, and I’m in the process of learning new things as I embark on this new project. It’s a bit confusing, and a tad nerve-racking trying to navigate my way around the Dashboard and customizing the site to my heart’s content, but I love feeling that I’m creating a completely unique thing that the universe has yet to witness.

This is a chronicle and anthology of my journey as a writer, a thinker, and a person coming to her own terms in life. I’m excited to write here. I hope you’re excited, too. I want this to be a space where I can play around with poetry and other samples of my writing projects, provide critiques on the things that I find interesting, share breathtaking art and photography pieces, self-reflect on my explorations, as well as to provide a space for friends who would like to become a part of the Verge of Verse community and share their own inspirations.

If you decide to stay and enjoy the posts (or hopefully collaborate on a project, or wish to contribute a piece), I’ll do my best to make it worth your while. Email me at vergeofverse@gmail.com.

Julianne Day Ignacio

A bonafide bookworm, self-proclaimed nerd, and cat-lover, Julianne is a born-and-raised Brooklynite who loves to listen to a good story and help others cultivate their storytelling skills. Julianne received her Master's degree in Media Studies and Certificate in Media Management from The New School. You can find her crafting new content and updating the social media outlets for Verge of Verse, snapping photos, or chilling out at a cafe or park as she writes about her discoveries and her adventures in the city.

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