"The Ugly Truth"

by Milly Pinkos

I require a lot of attention. I don’t exercise.
I have no willpower. My impulse control isn’t great, either.
I consume too much junk food. I gossip more than may be acceptable.
I don’t put enough effort into the things I should.
I probably should have more patience.
I lie. To the world and sometimes to myself.
I’m judgmental, I’m lazy, and I spend money I haven’t earned on things I don’t need.

But I have always,
and will always, think
that you hang the moon.

Milly Pinkos

Hi everyone! I'm Milly, a contributing creator on the site. My background is primarily theatre and acting, but I've always been a writer. I work with poetry, essays, and plays. I love this website because it's full of collaboration: the entire thing is comprised of people who all love to create, throwing their ideas together to make up one artistic platform.

I'm a lil Jew from the country's tiniest state, Rhode Island; I love small birds, Arrested Development, mozzarella sticks, the guy who plays Captain Hook on Once Upon a Time, The Little Prince, and the moon. I know a weird amount of useless pop culture trivia facts. Like, a really weird amount. I'm obsessed with my dog, Sassafras. But most of all, I love to connect with people through writing.

My style of writing (and of dress) is casual. I like to have a sort of chill conversation with whoever reads my work. We're all pals here, no need for any rigid formality. Happy to be here, and happy you're here too.

What are your thoughts?