moonlight over mountain

10 years ago, you were focused on bouncing back from a disastrous GPA.
9 years ago, you were determined to get a career in government.
8 years ago, you took the first step into the policy-making world and went to DC.
7 years ago, you explored the legal industry through your first job. 
6 years ago, you studied for LSAT.
5 years ago, you began to take care of your family. 
4 years ago, you became the breadwinner.
3 years ago, you began to set aside your desires for your family.
2 years ago, you began to lose yourself.
1 year ago, you became resentful.

You had dreams, you had ambitions.
Then obligations came along. 
Only child. Child of immigrants. First US-born American.
The first with a college degree. The first with a white-collar job.
It now bears on you to carve the path for your future off-springs.
The American life is a first for you as it is for your family.
Yet the burden of the American Dream is yours and yours alone.

You are angry.
You are angry for not confessing your feelings to a man you loved.
You are angry that your friends are moving on without you. 
You are angry that you are left with a burden you did not ask for.
You are angry that none of the dreams you had was achieved.

Who chose not to share her feelings? You.
Who chose to stay behind while others moved on? You.
Who chose family above all else? You.
Who chose not to achieve her dreams? You.

Good thing about dreams is that they never die. 
You chose to sleep on it, but they are still there if you choose to bring it to light.
Whatever reasons you had, they were just excuses.

You are now a tricenarian.
What will you choose to do in the next ten years of your life?

Chrissy Lee

A huge advocate of self-love, Chrissy's rituals range from coloring to retail therapy to writing. In her free time, Chrissy likes to watch documentaries, read several books at the same time, and try new wellness fads and beauty products. She prefers her coffee black, and her books non-fiction.

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