The Beauty of Manifesting

How to Survive Self-Isolation

The definition of manifesting is to “display or show [a quality or feeling] by one’s acts or appearance; to demonstrate”. In other words, expressing happiness to then feel it in real-time.


So…why manifest? What is the actual purpose of doing it? Well at a time like this; I’m sure you’ve heard all about it—unless you’re Jared Leto—you know about the Coronavirus taking over the whole world. You were probably told to stay home, either working or occupying your time with various hobbies.


You probably saw Instagram posts on what you can do in your home while being isolated. At times like this, self-isolation can get dark, especially if you don’t have a lot of space to escape to. Just know, if you can take a walk around the block, do it. I know for me, I’m on my balcony, breathing fresh air, feeling the warmth of the sun writing this piece.


I got into manifesting over a month ago when I saw a Youtube video on the benefits of its practices. Now you’re probably thinking, “What does that even mean?” For me, I can get a little superstitious at times and if I say I don’t want something to happen, it usually happens to spite me.


In fact, you’ve probably been told to knock on wood, and if you don’t have any wood, knock on your head—not too hard. I’ll give an example: one time I was getting brunch with my boyfriend and I didn’t feel like going to work and I said something along the lines of “Ugh what if I sprain my ankle so I don’t go?” We laughed it off and as I was leaving, I slipped, SPRAINED MY ANKLE, and a week later my back went out. Now you see why I have to knock on my head every once and awhile. So when learning a little bit more about manifesting, I realized it was kind of the same thing: speaking something into existence so it will happen the way you said it would. Now, what does that have to do with COVID-19? Honestly everything.


Sad times like this, we’re constantly getting news, good and bad (but mostly bad); updates on social media, watching TV or even from your aunt on Facebook. Hearing bad news can really take a toll on ya if you let it.


Manifesting can be done at any time you feel unsure. Like wishing the best for your mom or your friends who live states away. It’s a great way of speaking positively and this can help with your mental health. It’s like supporting your friends: “You go Glenn Coco!” So why not support the things you have around you?


What’s great about manifesting is the fact that you can do it however you want to, whenever you want to. Manifesting can be a personal practice or something you do with your friends or a family member. It’s about getting into a positive mindset which then will support your actions in a positive way. If you want good things to happen, sometimes people pray and others can just speak it into existence: manifesting. Praying and manifesting are essentially the same thing! Either you knew you were already doing it or you just found out.



Maybe it’s a great time to get back into crafting, cook a new recipe, or talk to friends you haven’t spoken to in forever. Maybe it’s time to finally work on yourself. Do yoga, meditate, manifest the person you want to be during a crisis like this. Don’t forget to go outside if you can. At least open the window! And most importantly, don’t stop living your life.


Try to continue your routine if you can, don’t stop because it feels like the world is ending. Know it’s not; I am here and you are here. Keep fighting for better days. Here’s a manifesting phrase we can use:


This will pass. I will be okay. People who have been affected will get better. These dark days will be over soon. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and we must be patient. Everything will be okay. I am okay.


Take care, everyone! Keep doing what you love and don’t stop living. Make something out of it. Stay safe and healthy. Don’t give up—ever. This too shall pass.

Alizé Martinez

Alizé Martinez is a Long Islander who has earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre Arts at Drew University. She is currently earning her Master’s Degree in Educational Theatre PreK-12 at Adelphi University. She loves food, animals, self-care, helping her friends, and spending time with her boyfriend and with her family.

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