“How are you?”
well enough.
“What’ve you been up to?”
mostly sleeping and eating.
“Isn’t the weather beautiful outside.”
yes, but global warming-.
“The sun is out! I’ll finally get tan.”
i never tan evenly. 
“Probably go down to the shore, but I was thinking Jamaica, too.”
ooh. jealous.
“I love the vibes down there. Bob Marley, am I right?”
stay privileged.


“It’s nice to meet you.”
cool cool
“So, first, I guess, tell me a little about yourself.”
i identify as a Christian Asian feminist empath who swears a lot.
“How did you find out about us?”
“Why do you want to work for us?”
mama needs to pay the bills.
“What contributions would you bring if we hired you?”
my handwriting is legible.


“You are such a nice young woman.”
emotionally, i’m a pastel goth.
“Are you in school?”
i will be again soon.
“What will you be studying?”
How to Fulfill Dreams 101, but maybe i can CLEP out of it.
“Don’t worry, you’ll get there.”
did you get there?
“Trust your heart.”
the heart is deceitful above all things…
“You could be so much more.”
but i am already enough of me.


“Are you happy?”


Jus Tri

My emotional outlet used to be dancing, but I switched it for writing… or at least for Microsoft Word. I collect used books, people-watch, and always need to shop with a friend because I’m an indecisive person who needs motivation to spend money. I am @franksmycousin on all forms of social media. Feel free to tag me in anything you think would inspire me! Hollaback.

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