Mute — A Poem by Jonathan Solomon


Stolen voice
Loud noises inside
No ears hanging out

I dare to peep
They shush
They hear a hollow voice
Drumming a dull rhythm
Too many times

Frustrated echoes
That others get tired of

You hit a beat
Over and over again
You hear yawns
Growling yawns
Too many times

But the performance to follow
The one you’re introducing
Pounds the beat
Stops the shows
Brings the house down
Rounds of applause
Standing ovation
Bravos and encores
Audience full of life
Though inside I’m empty

They leave a drum with coverings
Saying “what nice music”
But when left next to the bigger drum on display
In comparison, it’s all relative

Why march to your own beat
When everyone else marches to your neighbor

Though I’m tired of silence
Voice inside of me
Waits to leap out
Reach out

Desiring sound waves
To vibrate into another’s ear
Not out of the other

I need volume
Project me
Amplify me
Unmute me.


Jonathan-Solomon-Author-Photo-ThumbnailJonathan Solomon

Jonathan has a thing for details. He observes, visualizes, and writes from these inspirations. Pursuing a masters in industrial psychology, Jonathan hopes to one day spread his vision and inspire others to innovate as well as educate. He also takes joy out of listening to classical music and has a silly, sarcastic sense of humor. I mean we all need to laugh once in a blue moon (even though I don’t like beer). 🙂



Julianne Day Ignacio

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