Cue the cycles of second-guessing
all the shots at a future flashing forward.
Confronting confusion and confessions of
I can’t, I could have, I would have,
but should have.

You want it all — everything and all at once,
all or nothing, all for the sake of surety
affirming your influence, your wit, your creativity,
attesting to your dignity, integrity, and spark.
So you shift the gears, shape the skills,
shut down all
sorrows crushing
your spirit.

That’s the real struggle right there,
capturing the essence of yourself
left vulnerable to chance
fallen prey to change
formatted to fit on a template
for someone you’ve never met
to decide on your fate.

You would be pleased to hear
“We are pleased to inform you”
that you are wanted, valued,
sought after, after all.
You’re a walking potential of
powerful agency, resourceful self-efficacy,
a well of untapped and apt
raw talent ready for refining,
ready for reaping, ready to rise
to the occasion.

Persistence is key, perspiration
a natural consequence of
the sacrifice required
to cultivate the cultured chaos
of conjuring concepts,
theorizing just how crafting cunning content
for the consumption of the curious
carves the way for a means
of comfortable living
in the midst of reinventing.

— Julianne Day Ignacio

Julianne Day Ignacio

A bonafide bookworm, self-proclaimed nerd, and cat-lover, Julianne is a born-and-raised Brooklynite who loves to listen to a good story and help others cultivate their storytelling skills. Julianne received her Master's degree in Media Studies and Certificate in Media Management from The New School. You can find her crafting new content and updating the social media outlets for Verge of Verse, snapping photos, or chilling out at a cafe or park as she writes about her discoveries and her adventures in the city.

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