Natalie Miller

Natalie is a Photo and Fashion Business student working on her BFA at CCS (College for Creative Studies) in Detroit, whose general attitude towards the current state of the world is the annoyed Pusheen emoji. Outside of being a cute-but-expressively-angry internet cat, she runs social media imagery and writing for local clothing stores, and works as a freelance photographer and stylist. And editor. And graphic designer. And retoucher, when not in class. She also writes for CollegeFashionista as a part-time editorial intern and Style Guru, previously ran F Newsmagazine’s street style column in Chicago, and has a past live as a Shakespeare geek, actor, and costumer.
Natalie’s fascinated by fashion, sustainability, where those two can intersect at a happy medium (yes, she knows there is "no ethical consumption under late capitalism”), contributing to ideas not to landfills, history, human-observing, and spends her time people watching, on photo shoots, photographing street style around Detroit, and figuring out her future by day; blasting Paul McCartney vinyls and Hamilton by night. You can follow her mix of pics, #ootds, and thoughts about living in her “favorite problematic” city of Detroit.

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