"Felis" — A poem

by Julianne Day Ignacio

Some nights I dream
I am a cat
Lithe and limber
Soft and sinewy
Arching her back
Extending her legs
Purring coy
Sly and subtle
Paws padding
Pushing aside
Piles of papers
Swaying her tail
Before deciding to
Nudge her nose
Your fingertips
Taste the sweet
Salt on your skin
Whether it’s worth the trouble to
Climb up on the couch
Stretch and shimmy
Sprawl out and
Warm and welcoming
Angles curling
Across your lap

Julianne Day Ignacio

A bonafide bookworm, self-proclaimed nerd, and cat-lover, Julianne is a born-and-raised Brooklynite who loves to listen to a good story and help others cultivate their storytelling skills. Julianne received her Master's degree in Media Studies and Certificate in Media Management from The New School. You can find her crafting new content and updating the social media outlets for Verge of Verse, snapping photos, or chilling out at a cafe or park as she writes about her discoveries and her adventures in the city.

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