Verge of Verse is a digital magazine + diverse online community dedicated to celebrating and cultivating creativity.

Here at Verge of Verse, creatives publish and showcase their work to inspire new ideas, shape their own diverse narratives, and connect with others. Launched in 2014 by founder and Editor-in-Chief, Julianne Day Ignacio, Verge of Verse continues to grow into a dynamic digital space for a growing community of independent artists, designers, photographers, filmmakers, essayists, lifestyle bloggers, fiction writers, and poets. The magazine is a multi-media platform for open-minded, culturally diverse storytellers.

Think of it as a threshold inspired by life, literature, poetry, pop culture, photography, and artfully crafted works with the occasional bouts of creative craziness that tend to accompany accidental discoveries. Sometimes serious, sometimes facetious, the posts within these pages will hopefully get you thinking, wondering, exploring, writing, and creating, too.

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