In the midst of the unfortunate series of events that has been unfolding, I ask you to not give up the hope for a better state of being, to never give up the fight as many have done before us. 

We will not give into this invisible fear that has been feeding those hungry for hate. They have nothing. We have everything.

We carry the inspirations, the endless effort, and bold individualities that come together and push forward to create an unstoppable force. We will rise and stand from sundown to nightfall. You will hear our voices nonstop, see the strength of our peaceful hands holding onto one another. You will feel the steps we take as we march for the past, present, and future. 

There is no other choice but to pay attention. To remain oblivious gives others the chance to disrespect our humanity and oppose our civil rights and individual freedoms. And then what? Those who oppose know little. We experienced plenty. 

Injustice isn’t new. But we are. We are a new generation joining with the old generation. We are the colors that brighten this world. We are vivid. We are vibrant. We are strong. We accept and accept and accept as much as we love. 

But if you haven’t noticed, just you wait. It’s happening right… Now. 

Amy Pastrana

Hey guys, I'm Amy and I'm a contributing content writer/creator here on Verge of Verse! My background is in Theatre Arts and Arts Administration and I'm currently pursuing a Masters Degree for Media Studies with a Certificate in Media Management at The New School here in NYC.

My mission in life is to create and spread art and voice all around. I want to hear from all over, learn from each creative individual, and collaborate on all kinds of projects from writers, to photographers, theatre artists, film makers, designers, literally everyone who shares passionate interests in what they put into their work. This is how I got to be a part of the growing team here. So if you want to work on something and add to the originality and essence of Verge of Verse, I, as well as my fellow teammates, are all eyes and ears!

You can catch me in NYC and the New Jersey area. I'm forever about good food, good drinks, and good times. Human Rights and Equal Rights are my beliefs. Latina is my identity. I travel as much as I can to places far and near. I work to pay for those monthly metro cards. I'm still figuring myself out but I know where I'm going. And this is just the beginning, hope you'll join me!

Positive Vibes Only. Stay Lit.

-Con mucho amor, Amy

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